Alumni in the Spotlight:
How to be a Lexicographer

by Bernadette Paton (1972)

When I was in Form One at Sacred Heart in 1967 we were asked to write an essay describing what we wanted to be when we grew up. I think I said ‘a vet’, an unwise choice for a 12-year-old who was scared of animals, allergic to fur, and not very good at science. When I left school in the early 1970s I doubt I had ever heard the word ‘lexicographer’, much less imagined I would spend nearly 40 years as one. Like many people I probably thought the Dictionary had always been there, like the Bible – it wouldn’t have occurred to me that actual people write dictionaries.

L - R: Rosemary Nugent OAM (1972), Bernadette Paton (1972), Anna Negro (1981), Helen Smith (nee Wood, 1972)

So I came to lexicography not by design but through a series of happy accidents that involved an initial course at the Gordon (now Deakin), four years of teaching at Collingwood High School, a further degree from Melbourne University, and a move to Oxford in 1982 to complete a PhD in medieval history.

In the absence of academic jobs, in the mid-1980s I found myself replying to an advertisement for a New Words Editor on the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). I had no idea what the job involved but I thought it sounded interesting, and I couldn’t have been more right.

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Welcome to the Alumni Committee, Daniela Pavlovic

On behalf of the Alumni Committee, we would like to welcome our new Alumni committee member Daniela Pavlovic (2001) who will be assisting with decision making, strategy and governance. 
Daniela graduated in 2001 and enrolled in Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws at Deakin University. After completing her degrees, she commenced her legal career as an articled clerk at the firm Harwood Andrews in 2007.

Daniela is now one of the shareholders of Harwood Andrews and works with a team of ten in the Wills & Estates practice. Daniela was recently invited back to the College to speak at the launch of the school’s bequest program ‘The Cecilia Circle’ to speak about wills and bequests.  

"The school’s values transcend the high school years and apply equally to my work and life now. My area of practice is a personal one. Compassion, respect and hospitality are at the core of what I do.

Clients entrust me with some very personal information about their families, financial situation, their health and even their fears about the future. It is both rewarding and challenging to be a lawyer. A career in the law has enabled me to serve as a director on the boards of Barwon Health, Barwon Youth (now known as Barwon Child Youth & Family) and Baysa Housing.

I have enjoyed being able to apply my legal skills to oversee the governance of these organisations and influence the strategic direction of the organisations for the benefit of our local community."

- Daniela Pavlovic

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Visiting Sacred Heart College - Liz Hall (1979)

After recently contacting the Sacred Heart College and communicating with Ms Jo Welch, I was given the opportunity to revisit my old school after many years. I am a past student and attended the College from the years 1977 to 1979, before deciding to travel to Europe, where I studied for and completed my Registered General Nurse training in the United Kingdom.

Although I only attended the College for three years, I always felt part of the community and enjoyed my time immensely, making friends, whom I keep in touch with 40-plus years later. It was an emotional moment walking through the school gates after such a long time, seeing familiar buildings and classrooms, but also being able to view the new and impressive facilities that the present students are able to enjoy and benefit from today. Visiting the Chapel and associated areas was also quite moving and evoked memories of attending Mass there years before.

Sacred Heart College is a very special place, not just a place of education and learning, but a place where one felt nurtured and cared for, a feeling of belonging which had stayed with me years after I had walked through the school gates that final time to start my adult life. A return trip to this very special place was at the top of my agenda this February, and I must really thank Jo again for organising the personal tour.

To all the present students, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best in whatever career path or future adventures you have ahead of you, and I am hopeful that - just like me - you will look back with fond memories of your time spent at SHC, as not just a place of education, but a very special stepping stone on life’s journey.

Best wishes 

Liz Hall 

50 Year Reunion
(Classes of 1972, ‘73 and ‘74) 

Held on Sunday 5 March 2023
SHC's last cohort of boys and Junior School students

Back row: Des Callan, Mark Loughnan, Mark Hayden, Simon Jones, Chris Richardson, James Stokey, Antony Callan

Front row: Claudia Gregorio, Karen Mensch, Natalie Alsop, Damian McKeegan, Gabrielle Burke, Ellen Maree Hornig, Lee-Ann Wilson, Wayne Lugg, Anthony Connell, Simon Costa

2001 Alumni Reunion College Tour

2023 Alumni Reunions
Please share these dates with your peers

  • 5 Year Reunion (Class of 2018) Saturday 29 April

  • 10 Year Reunion (Class of 2013) Saturday 20 May 

  • 20 Year Reunion (Class of 2003) Saturday 17 June 

  • 30 Year Reunion (Class of 1993) Saturday 5 August 

  • 40 Year Reunion (Class of 1983) Saturday 19 August 

  • 50+ Year Reunion (Class of 1973/Golden Girls) Saturday 7 October *

* Please note the 50+ Year Reunion (Golden Girls) will be a lunch held in Celies Dining Room

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If you would like to assist with organising your reunion, please contact Jo Welch on 

Event Details

  • Celies Dining Room, Sacred Heart College (entry via Aphrasia Street main gates)

  • 5.30pm arrival for light refreshments and drinks

  • 6.30pm optional tour of the College 

  • Event concludes by 7.00pm

* Please note the 50+ Year Reunion (Golden Girls) will be a lunch held in Celies

2024 Alumni Reunions
Dates to be confirmed in early 2024

  • 5 Year Reunion (Class of 2019) - Saturday 20 April 2024

  • 10 Year Reunion (Class of 2014) - Saturday 18 May 2024

  • 20 Year Reunion (Class of 2004) - Saturday 15 June 2024

  • 30 Year Reunion (Class of 1994) - Saturday 3 August 2024

  • 40 Year Reunion (Class of 1984) - Saturday 31 August 2024

  • 50+ Year Reunion (Class of 1974/Golden Girls) - Saturday 12 October 2024 

Please note, these dates are tentative and subject to slight change but will be confirmed in February 2024.

Sacred Heart Old Collegians Association Association

1940 -1960

Continuing our history of the Sacred Heart Old Collegians Association from last issue, details are fairly vague on Presidents for the years 1942 to 1988, but our honour boards tell us that there were a number of presidents -  Miss Pat Walsh, Mrs Coral Gleeson, Mrs Alvie Ormrod (nee Murphy), Mrs Margaret Hayden, Miss Maureen Brady and one name that looms larger than most Miss Lille Sheridan OBE.

Famous for her big hats, Lille was a stalwart of the Sacred Heart Old Collegians. Inducted in the 1930s as a young woman, her influence and untiring work, supported by Vyrna McDonald shaped the Old Collegians for almost 50 years. 

Lille was a real estate agent, the only female agent working in Geelong for Melbourne real estate firm TJ Bourke, and she sold a lot of former Sacred Heart girls their first properties and was integral in the Fyans Park subdivision and land sales. She was also heavily involved in the Royal Commonwealth Society, the Liberal Party and was one of the early members of the National Council of Women for Geelong.

On reunion days held always on the second Sunday of November, Lille would preside over the days events; firstly the AGM and reports for the year after which high tea would be served in the College hall, which was always decorated in the school colours of blue and gold. Ever present was the silver epergne given by Mrs T Kerley to the Association. Lille took great pride in arranging the epergne with flowers and fruit and having it centre stage. Mary Lane (class of 1943) remembers making huge bowls of fruit salad the day before as up to 300 former students could attend the reunion. There would be recitals from current students and musical performances from the St Augustines band and to wrap up the afternoon, Benediction mass would be held in the Chapel.

The Sacred Heart Old Collegians continued through the years fundraising for St Catherine’s Orphanage with their Annual Jam Appeal. They held card evenings, a Christmas party, an annual ball and return balls to aid the Bursary Fund at the College.

In 1960 while Lille was President, the Association gave one of their most valuable and important gifts to the College; a set of gates especially made to commemorate the centenary of the College were placed on the Aphrasia St side of the College.

In the archives we sadly don’t hold much in regards to this period of the Sacred Heart Old Collegians Association. If you have any stories or information to share, please don’t hesitate to contact Claudette Brennan at 

Thank you so much to Gael Perry, Mary Lane and Marita Fitzpatrick for sharing stories and photos of Miss Lille Sheridan.